OK, so I'm reading a Marvel book again.  It's weird to do so after being so burned by the Spider-Girl situation (which I'm still peeved about), but a lot has changed since then.  For one thing, Axel Alonso is the new Editor in Chief of Marvel (has been for a few months now, but I've not been updating here as much as usual), and it's just one book: "Iron Man 2.0," or in other words "War Machine," who is one of my favorite characters.  Much like Spider-Girl, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, AKA War Machine, has had several failed attempts at ongoing series, all of which I've enjoyed.  I always try to support Rhodey's books, as I feel he's often relegated to being "the other Iron Man," while in reality, he's a very different character, and one that I actually like more than Iron Man himself, Tony Stark.

That's why the title "Iron Man 2.0" bugs me so much.  It's just so... derivative.   The key element to Rhodey's new series is that "a new kind of war demands a new kind of machine," or something along those lines.  "War Machine 2.0" would be more fitting, in my opinion, but I guess Marvel figures it will sell more if it has "Iron Man" in the title.  Maybe they're right?  We'll see.  The main thing that sets this attempt at an ongoing apart from his others though, is that Iron Man 2 came out in theaters all over the world last summer, and now all kinds of people know who War Machine is.  He's no longer a b-list character, he's a frigg'n movie star.  Hopefully the title can change names at some point, as I find "Iron Man 2.0" kind of... odd and maybe a little off-putting as a War Machine fan.

Other than that one comic though, I'm still very much a DC fan right now, and I'm keeping up with "Red Robin"  (still fantastic), "Batman and Robin" (for now), and various bat books as they catch my interest.  The other book I'm reading month-to-month is IDW's "G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero," which is written by the granddaddy of G.I. JOE himself, Larry Hama, and takes place immediately after his original Marvel JOE series, which I think is pretty cool.

So, Marvel, you've got one book back in my pull box.  Care to try for more?  I don't really see it happening, but who knows?  Give me quality books, and I'm sure I can find some forgiveness in my geeky black heart...

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