Spider-Girl (both of them) was recently mentioned in an article on Newsarama!  Cool!  Here's the link: 


Also, on an unrelated note, I'm totally digging MOTU (that's Masters of the Universe) right now, to the point of a minor obsession, lol.

Due to this, I've actually started working on my "Keldor The Cursed" story again, which seems to be the story I go back to whenever I'm not working on "Vortech."  I started a new Weebly site with the completed sections of the story here, if you're interested:


On another unrelated note, despite the misgivings of many, I'm giving quite a few (for me) of the new DC books a try post-relaunch.  I'm not sure it's a GREAT idea, but it certainly has ME more interested.  Let's all hope that they are good!

That's it for now!  Stay geeky!


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