A big "hello" to anyone who's actually reading this!

Well, as I detailed on the Home Page, the radio show is over, but I'm continuing the site in a similair manner, more at my leisure.  So be sure to check back from time to time, as I'll have new blogs (and who knows what else) popping up in the future.

My beloved and I saw Iron Man 2 last night (opening night) and had a blast.  Without giving away huge spoilers, I have to say that I don't get why some geeky folks like myself are claiming it was sub-par or not as good as the first.  We both liked it better than the first movie, and don't forget, I liked the first movie a lot.  It made #2 on my list of Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made.

It was a dense movie, without being confusing, and it avoided a lot of the pitfalls that many sequels fall into.  In fact, it may have avoided them by being quite different, structurally, from the way most sequels are made.

Personally, I've always been of the opinion that Iron Man (A.K.A. Tony Stark) is well... kind of a dick.  And because of this, I've always been more interested in his counterpart and friend, War Machine (A.K.A. James "Rhodey" Rhodes).  Granted, the first movie made me like and understand Iron Man more, but Rhodey is still my boy, and I figure he always will be.  I just like him more.

It's been no big secret that War Machine would factor into Iron Man 2, we pretty much knew that before we saw the first movie, but much of his storyline was kept under wraps pretty successfully, in my opinion.  Of course, I tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible, so maybe the cat was more out of the bag than I thought.  Either way, his story went differently than I expected, but I was very happy with it, and while the whole movie was good, and fun, Rhodey was definitely the highlight of the movie for me.

Anyway, in short, check it out.  I'm sure I'll be seeing it again at least one more time before it leaves theaters.

I'm not sure what my next blog will bring, but I'd have to bet that it'll involve either DC's Red Robin, or Marvel's Spider-Girl... or both...  I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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